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The Comgas team make sure you are safety compliant. Comgas Ltd provides you will all the relevant gas safety certificates for all commercial, industrial and work premises. Comgas provide a quick and easy solution to your need for safety.


Safety Certificates and Landlords Certificates

Every commercial building must be safety compliant. This is part of the Health and Safety at Work Act 1974. Below is what you need.


Declaration of Safety Certificate

A Declaration of Safety certificate is produced when a flueless gas cooking appliance (such as a cooker or hob) is notified. These are not covered by the Building Regulations but can be voluntarily notified.


Gas Safety Record 

The documentation our Comgas engineers leave after having fitted, serviced or safety checked an appliance is dependent upon the purpose and type of work carried out. The only documentation required by law is a Landlord Gas Safety Record. It will detail exactly what checks our engineers’ have carried out and if the appliances checked meet the appropriate safety standards. Find out more about Gas Safety Records.


Who is responsible for gas safety in your workplace?

You are! Are you a landlord or a tenant of a commercial, retail or industrial building? If so, do you have a Landlords / Safety Certificate? If not, then contact Comgas and keep yourself on the right side of the law. We will inspect and test your pipework, appliances, and flues to ensure that everybody is working in a safe environment.


What can happen if we are not Safety Compliant?

Aside from the obvious of breaking the law. You are at risk of getting a warning, fine or having your work premises shut down. As part of the law, you are responsible for providing everyone a safe workplace.

There is also a risk of Carbon Monoxide poisoning – the silent killer. Let Comgas install a Carbon Monoxide detector in your premises without delay.

What Happens After Comgas Has Completed Their Work?



Where can I find more information on being Gas Safe?

You can give us a call on 0131 5635287 or for further information online you can follow this link



How do I know Comgas Ltd is registered as Gas Safe?

If you would like to check our status as a registered commercial gas safe engineer please click here

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