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Ofgem Approved Meter Installers (OAMI)

Comgas are registered with Ofgem as ‘Ofgem Approved Meter Installers’ (OAMI) for all three categories, COP/1A, COP/1B, and COP/1C. We undertake work for a variety of Meter Asset Managers across the north of Britain installing low, medium, and intermediate pressure primary meters.

What Is Ofgem?

Ofgem is the Office of Gas and Electricity Markets. They are a non-ministerial government department and an independent National Regulatory Authority, recognised by EU Directives. Their principal objective is to protect the interests of existing and future electricity and gas consumers.

They do this in a variety of ways including:

  • promoting value for money
  • promoting security of supply and sustainability, for present and future generations of consumers, domestic and industrial users
  • the supervision and development of markets and competition
  • regulation and the delivery of government schemes.

They work effectively with, but are independent of, government, the energy industry and other stakeholders within a legal framework determined by the UK government and the European Union.

They are governed by the Gas and Electricity Markets Authority (GEMA).

What Is An Ofgem Approved Meter Installer Mean?

Ofgem approved meter installer are participants in the OAMI scheme. This confirms that the business installs meters in a way that conforms to one or more of the Codes of Practice (CoP) in relation to meter installation.

Comgas can also install sub-meters and data loggers. Not only do we exchange commercial meters, we can also connect the outlet pipework, test, purge, and relight the appliances. This offers all Meter Asset Managers a distinct competitive edge over a contractor who solely provides a meter exchange service.

Comgas are experienced in the installation, maintenance, and removal of all types of domestic and commercial gas meters including diaphragm, rotary and turbine meters.

What Major Meter Asset Managers Has Comgas Worked With? 

Exoteric Gas Solutions

Energy Metering Solutions

Future Metering Services

Who Else Does Comgas Work With?

Comgas works on behalf of debt collection agencies in association with bailiffs to safely disconnect gas meters that are located in Industrial/Commercial/Retail premises. All removed meters are retained in safe storage and returned to National Grid.

What You Need To Know When It Comes To Your Meter Installer?

An approved Ofgem meter installer has the governing body protecting the interests of current and future gas consumers. An approved installer is guided by the governing body who are guided by consumers. This approach is known as our Consumer First Programme. Please ask your installer for if they are registered before commencing work as you may be at risk should he/she not be regulated.

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